Karibu is a social business that was born in 2019, from the experience of two women who decided to change their corporate life to volunteer in social projects around the world. Our purpose is to promote lasting and positive social impacts around the world, through trained and conscientious volunteers. Transparency, ethics, responsibility and safety are essential requirements for us, find out below how you can be part of this dream:



Ideal short term volunteer job opportunities in Africa, Asia and America for those who dream on working in committed institutions with a group of socially engaged people.

Unique opportunities for social experiences and volunteers, according to the possibilities and interests of each one.


KARIBU is experienced in more than 40 projects around the world.

individual trip


  • Support the volunteer BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the trip, aiming to prepare for a responsible, relevant and effective work, monitor performance and guarantee legacies to the project and a positive personal experience;

  • Strict criteria when selecting organizations committed to work;

  • Monitoring of the projects and assisted people over the years, aiming to measure the impacts generated and truly develop significant changes;

  • Reduced costs compared to other companies, allowing more people to be involved in the causes;

  • Focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):



Guide people to meet their life purposes and contribute to a better world through volunteer experiences and social engagement.


Enable social changes through people committed to fighting for a fairer planet. Provoke new perspectives of life.


Using empathy as an agent for social change, empowering people to engage with responsibility, critical thinking, cultural respect, proactivity and high doses of love for others and their own selves.