volunteer's experiences

Check out what volunteers who traveled with Karibu thought of their experiences.

Ivoneth Tomaz

"It was a incredile trip, a watershed and I loved it. I highly recommend Karibu, the girls gave me all the support before, during and after the trip."

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Raquel Feriancic and Thiago Costacurta

"The feeling is that we go with the intention of helping and are helped a lot more. It was a very big and gratifying personal transformation."

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Isabelle Saez

"The Karibu's cofounders are really responsible, very open to dialogue, accessible and understanding. The support was great, but the best thing about traveling with Karibu is the experience they provide for us in the country."

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Joel Cachat

"I went to Kenya and Uganda, it was absolutely amazing. I learned a lot! We spent a lot of time with the children, immersing ourselves in the culture, hanging out, but nothing compares to everything we learned about others, about the community, about respect."

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Danielle Severini

"I was amazed by the work of Karibu. It is not a social tourism agency, it is really a company to make a social difference. Karibu does not take us to volunteer, it makes the volunteer welcome, accompany and teach us."

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Júlia Maurício

"The feeling of gratitude for the people who appear in my life, for the moments I've been living, and for the affection I receive. Thank you Karibu for everything from my heart."

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