"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi



we are karibu

Karibu is a social business that connects volunteers with social projects around the world. We believe every person is able and has the power to promote positive impact in the world to ultimately make it a better place to live. Karibu offers in two pillars:

Group Travel: ideal short term volunteer job opportunities in Africa, Asia and America for those who dream on working in committed institutions with a group of socially engaged people.

Individual Trip: unique opportunities for social experiences and volunteers, according to the possibilities and interests of each one.

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Why promote and participate in volunteering actions abroad, while there are so many places in Brazil that need help?

The whole world needs and welcomes help. We promote actions where we believe the work will have a lasting impact and the volunteers have the opportunity to emerge in different cultures. We believe we are all humans, hierarchizing people and needs by geography is not relevant or diminishes any kind of patriotic engagement.